A Head Full of Dreams – Coldplay

1. Theater

Like Mylo Xyloto Tour in previous years, A Head Full of Dreams stage is divided into 3 stages: A, B and C and each show has five parts: Opening the stage at the main stage A stage, the next one at the stage B, the second set on stage B, the third set on stage C and end the Stage A. At stage A, the laser light and fireworks effects and on stage C are mostly acoustics.

The first unique thing is that the stage has no roof like regular shows. Chris Martin – The group’s lead singer doesn’t want the Coldplay stage to look like a regular Festival and he wants to look up at the starry sky while singing.
With such a stage, the whole set of lighting staging is not limited to a narrow space but according to the open structure, creating a spaciousness.

2. Light
Tour Coldplay is famous for its beautiful lighting effects as in the theater. In each tour, the number of equipment is increased, not cut. Four Lycian M2K lights are fitted with light fixtures right on the big screen of the stage. Four other towers are used to install Martin MAC Vipers, Quantum washes, Clay Paky Sharpys and Solaris Flares. According to the light technique, the way to set up lights at Coldplay shows does not follow the usual setup like other singers’ shows.

3. Laser light system
Not only the normal lighting system, Coldplay’s tour also uses the maximum and variety of laser lights to scan the entire stadium to host the show. The lasers scanned from the stage passed through the air, forming bright and emotional beams. The light engineering team used four Arctic lights of 30 watts and four 15-watt Arctos RGB lamps, all with high power and 10 6.5 watt Arctos lasers with rigorous and strict technical setups. There is also a 3 watt scanning laser system to fill the space in the space that the other lights do not reach. Plus 16 “Stingers” – beam-like devices and gobos to divide the light into a flower or stars according to each song.

4. Effects of flares and fireworks
Referring to the success of the “A head full of dream” tour, it is impossible to mention the presence of fireworks and flares. In each show, the total number of firecrackers shot up was 890, particularly the flares fired up to 100m. In addition, confetti types are also used to the maximum of the “key-moment” to create emotions for the show.

5. LED display
In addition to the led screen in the middle of the stage, there are 2 additional LED screens that are specially setup into Flower of life flower pattern. LED screens are not only used to project the band image for the audience to stand away from the viewing stage but also create an effect for the whole show.

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