Alexi Lalas: A Rock Star Soccer Player

Panayotis Alexander Lalas is the player who made the turning point for the US team at the 1994 World Cup. However, it is unlikely that he is the singer and lead guitarist of rock group Gypsies. Let’s find out about Alexi Lalas and his passion for football and music.

Lalas has played all four matches of the US team at the 1994 World Cup and has had an outstanding ball. Even though the United States had to stop at the threshold of the quarterfinals, Lalas was later named in the typical squad of the tournament. In 1995, Lalas was honored to be named America’s Best Player. Three years later, he was again seen in the 1998 World Cup in France, but only as a substitute player.

Until now, this player still feels proud of his direct contributions to the historical turning point of professional football in America. After retiring in 2004, he became a leader at several MLS teams, such as San Jose Earthquakes, New York Red Bulls and Los Angeles Galaxy. Since 2008, Lalas has become an ESPN commentator, TV channels often broadcast MLS as well as many other national football leagues.

However, many people were surprised to hear that Panayotis Alexander Lalas is a singer and lead guitarist of rock group Gypsies. This football player also spends a lot of time on his passion for music. Panayotis Alexander Lalas once shared memories of his touring and album production. Those are great things in your life.

But now, even if there are no such things, the football player has still played music at home. He proceeded to record songs at home. Music, especially rock, is always present in Panayotis Alexander Lalas. He shared that he was born with music, and also with American football.

It can be seen that Panayotis Alexander Lalas is one of the few inhalers who can pursue many interests at the same time. Perhaps the rock in the music helped the former US player fight more passionately on the pitch.

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