Boots Riley: Interview

Raymond “Boots” Riley is not your average, modern-day rapper. Far from a world of self-indulgence, materialism, Cristal and platinum chains, the Oakland-based activist–cum-music artist is distinguished for his campaigning against social inequality.

Active in the music industry for over 20 years now, Boots entered the game as leader of the controversial political rap duo The Coup, a group known throughout hip hop circles as a highly respected socio-political force.

Since then he also formed a group with Rage Against the Machine’s equally politically vocal guitarist Tom Morello, as well as being at the forefront of Occupy Oakland and the fight against oppression.

As The Coup get set to embark on their first official European tour, Boots kindly gave up his time to answer some questions on his past, present and future projects. READ FULL INTERVIEW…

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