Brazil Lost The Match Because of … A Rock Star

The presence of Mick Jagger in the stands is considered unlucky, causing the host team of the 2014 World Cup to lose 1-7 in the semi-final against Germany yesterday.

Mick Jagger is the lead singer of the famous rock band The Rolling Stones. On July 8, 2014, he was in the stands of Mineirao Stadium to cheer for the Brazilian team and his adopted son Lucas. Mick sits in the VIP area with Kia Joorabchian who is the representative of many Brazilian players like Julio Cezar, David Luiz, Ramires or Oscar.

The Brazilian fans called Mick Jagger “pe frio”. This is a phrase referring to those who bring bad luck. Because whenever the 75-year-old singer voiced support for any team, they would immediately get bad results afterwards. Brazilian fans have called on Mick Jagger to bring Germany bad luck with banners and standee.

At the 2014 World Cup, Mick Jagger expressed his support for his hometown team: England. As a result, Rooney and his teammates had to return home immediately after the group stage with only one point. Later, the famous singer told fans in Lisbon that Portugal could win the World Cup and the team was eliminated shortly afterwards. In addition, Mick Jagger also publicly supported the Italian team before the mortal match against Uruguay in the last round of the group stage. As a result, Italy lost the match and suffered the same fate with England and Portugal.

This is not the first time the Brazilian has blamed Mick Jagger for causing a failure to their team. At the 2010 World Cup, many fans believed that Brazil’s loss to the Netherlands in the quarterfinals was due to Mick’s Selecao uniform coming to the field. In that year’s tournament, the singer also joined former President Bill Clinton in cheering for the United States in the defeat against Ghana in the second round.

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