Collecting Vinyl Records

With the advances made on the internet, music is quite literally available in the palm of our hands. This is as a result of the revolution that has seen the move from vinyl records, to radio cassettes, to CDs, to iPods and now on our phones in mp3 format. This evolution has left collection of vinyl records to a few people who know their value and appreciate their artistry. It is not uncommon to hear of an interior designer adding a turntable in a room as part of the décor in a house because of their artistic value.

Vinyl records are now considered collectors’ items with an actual community whose main agenda is to collect and own as many records as they can. Why, you ask? There is a variety of reasons why people collect vinyl records. Some of these reasons include:

  • As a hobby just like collecting stamps or rocks, even shoes
  • To appreciate the quality of music that is lossless, meaning it has not been compressed into the mp3 format acceptable by most phones
  • To preserve memories from back when the vinyl records were a big deal
  • Like in the case of interior designers, you get to collect art at the same time
  • They are valuable; they may cost a pretty penny when buying but once you want to dispose of them by selling you are bound to recoup your money and more

Whereas collecting vinyl records is an exciting hobby, it is not always easy. Some of the challenges that discourage the collectors include:

  • It is expensive to collect, just like any piece of art from back in the day. You can pay up to $1700 or more for a record on e-bay today
  • There are not too many records in the market today in comparison to the 70s when they were the in thing
  • There are lots of knock off in today’s market that can leave one at a loss after spending so much money to discover the record was copied off a CD- couldn’t get any worse!
  • The search for quality records can take a collector far and wide and this requires a level of commitment to achieve
  • Unlike digital music that you can access by the touch of a button, vinyl records have to be turned every few songs and not many people have that kind of patience
  • To top it all off, vinyl records require good caring for in order to maintain them in good condition, otherwise they become ruined

An encouraging fact for vinyl collectors worldwide to know is that there is an increase in the records in the market today. More and more record pressing companies are coming up in the market to cater to the ever increasing number of collectors. This is bound to bring with it good tidings such as a significant drop in the cost of records and their availability in stores. This is indeed good news for people who appreciate good quality music and art but cannot fork out the exuberant prices they go for on e-bay for instance.

Wherever you buy your record from, do your homework to ensure you don’t get a reissue or a warped copy.

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