Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev: From Rock-loving guy to Russian Prime Minister

From a young age, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is an obedient, industrious, passionate boy. As an adult, he focuses on such things as being smart, calm, humble and assertive. Rather interesting information that few people know is that Medvedev was very passionate about Rock & Roll music when he was young.

Medvedev, though not deeply aware of music, is passionate about Rock & Roll music, which was listed as a blacklist under the Soviet Union. When he was in high school, Medvedev began collecting cassette tapes and recordings of this type of music from groups like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, which included the original disc released in 1970. Back then, this was very worthwhile. Medvedev repeatedly stressed that his collection had absolutely no pirated discs and was proud of it.

When Medvedev was 12 years old, he fell in love with the Beatles music. His father was somewhat dissatisfied with his son’s musical preferences because he thought it was a non-serious type of music and called it a “chaotic sound”. After joining the political circles, Medvedev often told his colleagues that he liked rockers and rock musicians.

In Medvedev’s resume, it was written: In 1982, Medvedev was an experimental employee of the Technical Academy. At that time, Medvedev’s father was a professor there and he arranged for his son a suitable job. He works to earn money to pursue passion. There was a friend who asked him about the difference between Punk and Rock & Roll, Medvedev told the story in a few hours. Every month Medvedev once earned about 90-100 rubles, which was very significant at that time. He brought it to his parents in part and kept a part to buy Rock & Roll records. Medvedev in his youth had two particularly memorable things – jeans and records.

Once, accidentally saw the Pink Freud record, but its price was 20 rubles. At that time, the money for Medvedev was “unimaginable”, so he had to ignore it. While studying at university, because he worked more to earn money, Medvedev used to work as a sanitation worker. However, what makes the young Medvedev completely unexpected is a few years later at the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Russian national oil company – Gazprom, Medvedev – an avid fan of The band – met his idol, Deep Purple’s Gulian, the main vocalist.

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