Famous Football Players Can Join Rock Bands

In addition to the great performances on the football field, the football stars below also surprised fans with their extremely talented musical instruments.

1. Petr Cech

Not only showing talent flying in the goal, the former Chelsea goalkeeper also has a special ability that is playing the drums. Not only can he play, Petr Cech is also considered a good drummer. In his spare time, Petr Cech played drums for Eddie Stoilow, a professional rock band.

2. Neymar

With a style of fast-paced competition on the pitch, many people do not expect that Neymar is full of artist in him. Neymar can play the piano and guitar perfectly. Barca striker has many times shared on social networks the piano and guitar playing expertly as a professional artist. Watching Neymar passionately slide his fingers on the fretboard performed intently to the hearts of fans. In addition to his ability to play instruments, Neymar can also sing and rap.

3. Daniel Alves

The teammate and close friend of Neymar at the Barca club and Brazil also made fans surprised with the video of singing and playing guitar on Instagram. Many people also believe that Alves sing and play guitar extremely well. If you follow the singing career, Alves will surely be extremely famous.

4. Rosicky

For Tomas Rosicky, music was his second major passion after football. Rosicky guitar and rock like a professional artist. Rosicky was invited to the concert of famous rock band Tri Sestry in the Czech Republic. Thanks to that, Rosicky had the opportunity to show off her guitar skills very professionally.

5. Alexis Sanchez

Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez is not only talented on the pitch but also very good at playing. Sanchez regularly shows off his piano skills at Arsenal festivals. Teammates had to widen their eyes in surprise when they first saw Sanchez accompaniment and sing. Sanchez also often posts clips and plays with songs on Instagram and receives many praises from fans.

6. Sergio Ramos

The center-back of Real Madrid and the Spanish national team can play guitar and self-accompaniment for songs in a lyrical style. Ramos always makes female fans suffer because of the enthusiastic style of playing on the football field but elegant and artist when leaving the field.

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