Imagine Dragons – The dragons are going to be strong than ever

Possessing a passionate, honest and emotional music, making everyone listen to music must dance; Having been praised by Billboard as the “breakthrough rock group of 2013”, Imagine Dragons is increasingly asserting its status as one of the most cultivated rock groups of the moment.

Famous from the homeland
It is hard to imagine that Imagine Dragons has played almost inexperienced at the shabby casinos of Las Vegas. The start of Imagine Dragons’ career was very similar to the beginning of a famous rock group. It was the legendary band The Beatles, by The Beatles, who also sang at the song halls in Humburg.
Perhaps it was the home of Las Vegas that created a Imagine Dragons like today. First of all thanks to the casinos that Imagine Dragons had the opportunity to sing the songs that the group loved. Later, it was also the place that helped the group get the chance to sing on stage with around 26,000 spectators surrounded by Las Vegas Festival 2010. Also thanks to Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons got some nominations and negative awards. first music like “Best local indie band 2010” (Las Vegas Weekly) or “Best CD of 2011” (Las Vegas 7 Magazine). It is these small successes that have helped the group become more popular with music lovers, creating conditions for the group to achieve success now.

Recognized in the world
“Night Visions”, the group’s first studio album was completed in the summer of 2012 and released in September, sold more than 83,000 copies in the first week of release and reached No. 2 on the hot billboard chart. 200. “Night Visions” also became the champion of the 2 billboards including the alternative rock chart and rock chart and was certified platinum in the US, UK, Canada and a variety of other European countries.
Among the songs of Imagine Dragons, “It’s time” and “Radioactive” are the two most popular songs. In it, “It’s time” hit the top 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and helped Imagine Dragons get a nomination at the MTV Video music awards. “Radioactive” has climbed to the top 3 BXH billboard top 100. This song has topped 4 rock categories: the hottest, most broadcasted song, digital music and best-selling streaming music. The Rolling Stones also said that this is the best rock song of the year. Even, “Radioactive” helped Imagine Dragons win a 2014 Grammy in the category “Best Rock Performance”.
Dramatically impressed through the soundtrack.

Imagine Dragons is a rock band with alternative music styles, indie rock very strong and colorful. Therefore, producers of action movies really want their songs to be included in their soundtrack list. And the truth is that many of Imagine Dragons’ songs have become cult songs. A big part is because the melody and lyrics of those songs are very suitable for the content of the movie.

The first is the “It’s time” in the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (Teen Story, 2012). Next is “Radioactive” in the movie “The host” (Wrestling, 2013) and then “Battle Cry” in blockbuster “Transformers: Age of Extinction” (“Transformers: Era of destruction”).

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