Is Imagine Dragons the Worst Rock Band Ever?

Rock bands in Las Vegas achieved success around the world. Recently, however, Imagine Dragons is satirized as the world’s worst band.

Imagine Dragons consists of four members: Dan Reynolds – lead vocalist, Wayne Sermon – guitarist, Daniel Platzman – drummer and Ben McKee – bassist. The band is loved by audiences all over the world from many songs. Among them was Radioactive – a hit that earned them two 2013 Grammy nominations and over a billion views on YouTube.

Founded in 2008, the band gathers college students with the dream of becoming a rock star. They started with country-rock-inspired compositions that were popular in Las Vegas music stalls. Early compositions were not noticeable. They operate day by day like many other spontaneous bands until they receive an invitation to join the music festival. Completed in the last minute vacant by another guest starring in the 2009 Bite of Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons had the opportunity to perform in front of more than 26,000 spectators – the first step to bring them closer to the public.

It was the success of the mini album ‘It’s time’ released in 2011 that Imagine Dragons came to light. The album was made in a studio located in a casino in Las Vegas with the support of talented music producer Mark Needham. The title song was positively received by the audience and appeared in the famous Glee TV series.

The band signed a contract with Interscope Records of Universal Music and produced their first album Night Visions, which mixed a lot of music like indie rock, electronic music, dubstep and pop. The album sold more than 83,000 copies in its first week in the US market and has sold nearly 4 million copies worldwide.

The debut album also marked many professional successes for Imagine Dragons. Both MTV and Billboard call them “Breakthrough Band of 2013“. The song Radioactive won the Grammy “Best Rock Performance” and is currently one of the highest-grossing singles of all time with over 14 million copies.

The band continued to have a huge commercial success with three albums always hitting the top 10 of the Billboard 200 and millions of copies in sales. However, critics argue that Imagine Dragons is not advanced in terms of music. Many critics argue that the American band is hated because of business but not in music quality. Before the release of Elvolve album, Imagine Dragon stopped singing activities to produce soundtracks for Hollywood blockbusters such as Me Before You, Suicide Squads or Passengers. The British NME newspaper shows that most of their songs are associated with auto ads, video games and movies. The newspaper’s expert evaluated the group’s lyrics obscure and unreasonable if carefully considered.

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