New Release Alt-Rock Albums to Listen To Right Now

Alt-rock started as a rock subgenre to cover artists who were not signed commercially by major labels, creating a sound that is rock at the roots but limited only by the imagination of the artists. For fans of alt-rock, here are the latest albums to help you chill.

Fetch the Bolt Cutters by Fiona Apple

The latest album of Fiona Apple is the currently best-selling across listening services. Listen as the songwriter, singer, and pianist delivers her best vocal and songwriting performance to date.

Listen to a full 13-track list which earned her universal acclaim from music outlets, with Clair Shaffer of Rolling Stone tips her hat off to the best work of her career.

Trust Fall (Side B) by Incubus

This sequel to the 2015 Side A album of Incubus was five years in the producing, and fans have noted listening to both sides of trust fall to appreciate this album better.

Update your slow jams mix with songs like “On Without Me” or “Karma, Come Back” or enjoy a bit more upbeat sounds with the new wave sounding “Into The Summer” and “Our Love.”

The New Abnormal by The Strokes

The sixth studio album from The Strokes features a weirdly satisfying artsy album cover. The 1981 “Bird on Money” of Jean-Michel Basquiat is not the most exciting thing about this album.

While their previous albums were met with a lukewarm response, this new one is often touted as the group’s return to form with earlier-released.

Love in the Midst of Mayhem by Joe Ely

Joe Ely returns to soothe the weary souls thanks to the quarantine with “Love in the Midst of Mayhem.” Most of the songs in his latest album tell a story or an aspect of life amid the global pandemic.

Ely works with longtime collaborators Texans to deliver a more intimate audio session with songs spanning a long time from the 1974 “Soon All Your Sorrows Be Gone” to the more recent “You Can Rely On Me.”

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