Return of K-pop Rock Bands

Maybe in the world, the names of rock bands like Queen, Beatles, or Oasis are known to most people, but in the Korean music scene, bands often have their own environment instead of mass. The Korean public mostly likes Ballad and the songs are gentle, highly addictive, so often rock bands will be less interested. Or people are only interested in some of the main vocals like Kim Jong-seo or Lee Seung-cheol of Sinawi band) or Boohwal (Easter) than the group.

Around art universities like Hongik, countless groups have been formed but have gradually disappeared. Of course there are also bands that are active for a long time and are well known to the public, but most of them are only known from the fans of the group and will end all activities.


From the 3 members Choi Jung-hoon, Kim Do-Hyung and Yoo Young-hyun with Superstar K in the 5th season, 2013, then joined Jang Kyung-joon and Yoon Kyeol starting operations in 2014, but must until now Jannabi is the name mentioned. The group has shown their own colors, and the song quickly appeared and continued to hold high positions in the top 10 of most digital music sites. And the group’s tour was also quickly sold out, indicating that the group’s popularity has increased considerably. But it is also a time of trouble when it comes to becoming famous. Continuous is the rumor rumors aimed at members of Jannabi.


N.Flying is the symbol of the comeback in 2019. Rooftop, the group’s song released in January has increased by more than 1,000 steps and held the # 1 spot on the digital music chart after nearly 2 release month. The song with a gentle melody, catch the ears, and a meaningful, deep lyrics has captured the audience’s feelings. It saved N.Flying’s life when the group stood in front of a series of difficulties, seemingly disintegrating at any time. It is possible for the individual colors and personalities and the bands to create their own music from the instruments is the attraction of the public for the band.

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Rock features in music industry

The sound of Rock music is mainly created by electric guitar, a popular instrument of the 1950s.

The sound of electric guitar in Rock is supported by the electronic bass sound developed in jazz and percussion including drums and cymbals. This trio of instruments will be supported by keyboard instruments such as piano or or-liver.

The number of members in a Rock band will range from two to five members. A typical rock band will have four members and each member may be in charge of many different roles, for example the lead singer will play the guitar.

Rock music is written on a simple rhythm background with rhythm 4/4 in which the drum beat will be repeated on beats two and four. Rock melodies are also divided by the tone and the sound. From the mid-1960s, Rock songs were arranged according to the “lyrics 1 – chorus – lyrics 2” structure, which was derived from Blues music and Folk music. However, there have been many variations from this structure and music critics have also emphasized the diversity of Rock music styles. Because rock music has a history of complex formation and a tendency to borrow from other musical genres, it is difficult to bind Rock music to a specific musical definition.
Unlike pop music, the lyrics of rock songs refer to a variety of topics such as love, lifestyle, social themes, and opposition. According to music journalist Robert Christgau, the lyrics in rock songs are “popular” with simple expressions and the chorus is repeated. Rock music is generally a music genre of noise. Rock music is considered a black music genre for young people, mainly white men.

Since the term Rock was used to talk about Rock & Roll music in the mid-1960s, people have seen the contrast between Rock music and Pop music. According to Simon Frith, “Rock is something more than Pop, than Rock & Roll. Rock artists combine skills and techniques with a romantic concept of music with a sincerity. ” In the new millennium, the term rock is sometimes used to refer to music genres like Pop, Reggae, Soul and even Hip-hop, but Rock music is not affected by any music. .

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Rock n Roll Style of Liverpool

Since becoming Liverpool’s coach, Klopp has given the audience a rock n roll football style which is extremely enthusiastic and strong. This coach brought to us an unforgettable impression of Liverpool.

Klopp brings Liverpool a fiery football attacking from Germany. There is no glorious player career, but Klopp is like a mad scientist in Japanese manga. His hair was messy. He buried his head in work and was always ahead of his time. Klopp persuaded Liverpool players to follow him, believing him and sacrificing for him. Toni Kroos for 11 Liverpool players like 11 beasts. However, it may not be enough to compare it, it must be … 12 beasts including the coach. Because Klopp was no different from the 12th player. Standing on the piste, he jumped, roared, pointing like he was a player on the field.

Specifically, the Liverpool players played extremely strong and sacrificed their lives. They attacked all the way like they will die if other player did not. When playing against City, the team likes to control, Liverpool players push them into losing control. As a mad scientist, Klopp always finds order in disorder and finds safety in a dangerous game. Nobody said the Liverpool defense was strong because Liverpool always played on the opponent’s field more than the home. They can concede two, three goals a match, but will try to score four or five goals to find victory.

Therefore, Klopp likened the play he pursued to be rock’n’roll. The melody is always fast and intense like the sound of a drum while the phase is smooth like a guitar solo and the shots are always strong like the singer finishes a high note. All the above elements will bring to the audience the breathtaking and unforgettable performances on the pitch. This is Liverpool’s very strong style thanks to their coach, Klopp.

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Dmitry Anatolyevich Medvedev: From Rock-loving guy to Russian Prime Minister

From a young age, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev is an obedient, industrious, passionate boy. As an adult, he focuses on such things as being smart, calm, humble and assertive. Rather interesting information that few people know is that Medvedev was very passionate about Rock & Roll music when he was young.

Medvedev, though not deeply aware of music, is passionate about Rock & Roll music, which was listed as a blacklist under the Soviet Union. When he was in high school, Medvedev began collecting cassette tapes and recordings of this type of music from groups like Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple, which included the original disc released in 1970. Back then, this was very worthwhile. Medvedev repeatedly stressed that his collection had absolutely no pirated discs and was proud of it.

When Medvedev was 12 years old, he fell in love with the Beatles music. His father was somewhat dissatisfied with his son’s musical preferences because he thought it was a non-serious type of music and called it a “chaotic sound”. After joining the political circles, Medvedev often told his colleagues that he liked rockers and rock musicians.

In Medvedev’s resume, it was written: In 1982, Medvedev was an experimental employee of the Technical Academy. At that time, Medvedev’s father was a professor there and he arranged for his son a suitable job. He works to earn money to pursue passion. There was a friend who asked him about the difference between Punk and Rock & Roll, Medvedev told the story in a few hours. Every month Medvedev once earned about 90-100 rubles, which was very significant at that time. He brought it to his parents in part and kept a part to buy Rock & Roll records. Medvedev in his youth had two particularly memorable things – jeans and records.

Once, accidentally saw the Pink Freud record, but its price was 20 rubles. At that time, the money for Medvedev was “unimaginable”, so he had to ignore it. While studying at university, because he worked more to earn money, Medvedev used to work as a sanitation worker. However, what makes the young Medvedev completely unexpected is a few years later at the 15th anniversary of the founding of the Russian national oil company – Gazprom, Medvedev – an avid fan of The band – met his idol, Deep Purple’s Gulian, the main vocalist.

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Is Imagine Dragons the Worst Rock Band Ever?

Rock bands in Las Vegas achieved success around the world. Recently, however, Imagine Dragons is satirized as the world’s worst band.

Imagine Dragons consists of four members: Dan Reynolds – lead vocalist, Wayne Sermon – guitarist, Daniel Platzman – drummer and Ben McKee – bassist. The band is loved by audiences all over the world from many songs. Among them was Radioactive – a hit that earned them two 2013 Grammy nominations and over a billion views on YouTube.

Founded in 2008, the band gathers college students with the dream of becoming a rock star. They started with country-rock-inspired compositions that were popular in Las Vegas music stalls. Early compositions were not noticeable. They operate day by day like many other spontaneous bands until they receive an invitation to join the music festival. Completed in the last minute vacant by another guest starring in the 2009 Bite of Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons had the opportunity to perform in front of more than 26,000 spectators – the first step to bring them closer to the public.

It was the success of the mini album ‘It’s time’ released in 2011 that Imagine Dragons came to light. The album was made in a studio located in a casino in Las Vegas with the support of talented music producer Mark Needham. The title song was positively received by the audience and appeared in the famous Glee TV series.

The band signed a contract with Interscope Records of Universal Music and produced their first album Night Visions, which mixed a lot of music like indie rock, electronic music, dubstep and pop. The album sold more than 83,000 copies in its first week in the US market and has sold nearly 4 million copies worldwide.

The debut album also marked many professional successes for Imagine Dragons. Both MTV and Billboard call them “Breakthrough Band of 2013“. The song Radioactive won the Grammy “Best Rock Performance” and is currently one of the highest-grossing singles of all time with over 14 million copies.

The band continued to have a huge commercial success with three albums always hitting the top 10 of the Billboard 200 and millions of copies in sales. However, critics argue that Imagine Dragons is not advanced in terms of music. Many critics argue that the American band is hated because of business but not in music quality. Before the release of Elvolve album, Imagine Dragon stopped singing activities to produce soundtracks for Hollywood blockbusters such as Me Before You, Suicide Squads or Passengers. The British NME newspaper shows that most of their songs are associated with auto ads, video games and movies. The newspaper’s expert evaluated the group’s lyrics obscure and unreasonable if carefully considered.

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Scorpion, king of rock ballad series

About twenty years ago, rock listeners, especially heavy metal lovers, when talking about their favorite groups, often refer to Metallica, Guns and Roses and Scorpions as metal bands. most famous at the time. If Metallica and Guns and Roses seem to be challenging, beginners listen to rock, Scorpions with sweet ballads like “Still Loving You”, “Always Somewhere”, “When the Smoke is Going Down” or “Send Me and Angel “always won over fans of pop and rock. And I, the middle school student of twenty years ago, got to know rock through such Scorpions ballads. Now, after sitting back over 20 years of listening and playing rock, Scorpions are still one of my favorite bands. In 2015, the German scorpions are preparing to celebrate 50 years of their band. Half a century for a heavy metal group to exist and thrive is an incredible thing in the ever-changing and full of music world. For a group that does not belong to two British and American rock cradles, this is a miracle. This article is a tribute to a veteran band of classic heavy metal, the first band that helped me explore the mesmerizing world of rock.

      Career summary:
In 1965, when the whole world was in the British Invasion trend, the representative of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones conquered it in the city of Hannover, West Germany, a fledgling boy band by guitarist and singer Rudolf (Rudy) Schenker and the three founding friends also rehearsed to re-play the popular songs of popular British music groups. At that time in the UK there was also a band called the Scorpions that made the group sometimes confused. After much deliberation, Rudy Schenker decided to change the group’s name to the Nameless to avoid troubles.
After years of cover play in bars and nightclubs in Germany, Rudolf decided to take his younger brother Michael Schenker to lead the lead guitar and invite his friend Klaus Meine to become the lead singer and I am in peace with the role. guitar composition and rhythm game. Now the group decided to take the Scorpions back. The roster helped the group record their first record with album Lonesome Crow (1972) with a mix of hard rock, psychedelic and progressive rock. Scorpions began to receive positive reviews from both audiences and music critics as an excellent hard rock group in Germany and gradually expanded their conquest range out of their homeland.

The single came from Scorpions’ debut album “Lonesome Crow” titled “I’m Going Mad” in 1972 with a progressive direction like Yes or Genesis. Klaus Meine is difficult to recognize with a thick beard like Robinson Crusoe in this MV.
But then Michael Schenker quickly left the group to join the more famous British hard rock group, UFO after Scorpions toured with this group. His replacement is Ulrich “Uli” Jon Roth, a jubilant, jubilant guitarist who plays almost like a stylish replica of genius Jimi Hendrix. With the contribution of Uli Roth, Scorpions continued to release space / psychedelic / fusion albums such as Fly to the Rainbow (1974), In Trance (1975), Virgin Killer (1976) and Taken by Force (1978). . In the 1970s, Scorpions gradually asserted their top position in Germany and were quickly embraced by the European market before conquering Asian prices, especially for Japan, where Scorpions had a huge amount of loyal fans. However, with his erratic temperament, and the direction of the music that was increasingly isolated from the other members of the group, Uli Roth finally retired from Scorpions to devote himself to the new band of his Electric Sun. style that blends jazz, progressive and space rock. Michael Schenker returned to playing the guitar for a while but was quickly fired because his addiction affected his group’s schedule and recording a lot. His replacement is the young guitarist Matthias Jabs, who has been in the profession but has a strong sense of progress and is devoted to his teammates after defeating nearly 150 other guitarists in the selection round. The choice of Matthias Jabs into the band was a very good decision because he did not take Scorpions to a new level, but was attached to the team until today, with the two main pillars, Rudy Schenker and Klaus Meine.

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Alexi Lalas: A Rock Star Soccer Player

Panayotis Alexander Lalas is the player who made the turning point for the US team at the 1994 World Cup. However, it is unlikely that he is the singer and lead guitarist of rock group Gypsies. Let’s find out about Alexi Lalas and his passion for football and music.

Lalas has played all four matches of the US team at the 1994 World Cup and has had an outstanding ball. Even though the United States had to stop at the threshold of the quarterfinals, Lalas was later named in the typical squad of the tournament. In 1995, Lalas was honored to be named America’s Best Player. Three years later, he was again seen in the 1998 World Cup in France, but only as a substitute player.

Until now, this player still feels proud of his direct contributions to the historical turning point of professional football in America. After retiring in 2004, he became a leader at several MLS teams, such as San Jose Earthquakes, New York Red Bulls and Los Angeles Galaxy. Since 2008, Lalas has become an ESPN commentator, TV channels often broadcast MLS as well as many other national football leagues.

However, many people were surprised to hear that Panayotis Alexander Lalas is a singer and lead guitarist of rock group Gypsies. This football player also spends a lot of time on his passion for music. Panayotis Alexander Lalas once shared memories of his touring and album production. Those are great things in your life.

But now, even if there are no such things, the football player has still played music at home. He proceeded to record songs at home. Music, especially rock, is always present in Panayotis Alexander Lalas. He shared that he was born with music, and also with American football.

It can be seen that Panayotis Alexander Lalas is one of the few inhalers who can pursue many interests at the same time. Perhaps the rock in the music helped the former US player fight more passionately on the pitch.

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The immortal songs of the legendary Queen Rock band

With over 15 years of composing and performing, legendary rock group Queen has left the world music scene with immortal songs with elaborate lyrics. On the occasion of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie about the Queen’s group about to debut, let review the songs that make up the name of this legendary group.

Luxurious, gorgeous, frivolous, bombastic, crazy and genius are the words that many music critics often use when referring to the Queen group. Indeed, except Queen, in the history of rock music, no band has met all such characteristics.
With Queen, music is the perfect combination of sound, lyrics, performing arts and recording techniques. As with the name of the group, almost in Queen’s songs always contain a “royal” boast and pride, and this makes the Queen stand out from the others. contemporary band.

We will rock you
Certainly, even if you’re not a Queen fan, you’ve heard this immortal song in many places. As part of 77’s “News of the World” album, this song was played throughout the stadiums. With a strong melody and fast tempo and solid guitar / bass, it is not uncommon for this song to hold No. 1 for 3 consecutive months on the world chart.

We are the Champions
Still in the “News of the World” album and also a song used in special sporting events. Each verse, every melody gives us a strong sense of victory, just like “We are the champions” – we are champions! Interestingly enough, the melody of this song is part of ballad music, but it is Mercury’s inner vocals and Rock’s distinctive guitar making anyone feel the spirit. of the song.

Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhaposy is a song that Mercury in particular and Queen in general has spent a lot of effort and time to accomplish. We must mention the feat of recording when the group took nearly 90 hours to collect the sound to create the effect as a choir of 84 people in the opera. As for the content, the sections of the song are quite loosely coupled, but the listeners can understand that it is the penance of a young man who committed murder before the penance.

After the release, “Bohemian Rhapsody” became a major phenomenon in music at that time. It climbed to the top of the British charts in the Christmas season in 1975 and stayed in that position until Christmas in 1976.

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Imagine Dragons – The dragons are going to be strong than ever

Possessing a passionate, honest and emotional music, making everyone listen to music must dance; Having been praised by Billboard as the “breakthrough rock group of 2013”, Imagine Dragons is increasingly asserting its status as one of the most cultivated rock groups of the moment.

Famous from the homeland
It is hard to imagine that Imagine Dragons has played almost inexperienced at the shabby casinos of Las Vegas. The start of Imagine Dragons’ career was very similar to the beginning of a famous rock group. It was the legendary band The Beatles, by The Beatles, who also sang at the song halls in Humburg.
Perhaps it was the home of Las Vegas that created a Imagine Dragons like today. First of all thanks to the casinos that Imagine Dragons had the opportunity to sing the songs that the group loved. Later, it was also the place that helped the group get the chance to sing on stage with around 26,000 spectators surrounded by Las Vegas Festival 2010. Also thanks to Las Vegas, Imagine Dragons got some nominations and negative awards. first music like “Best local indie band 2010” (Las Vegas Weekly) or “Best CD of 2011” (Las Vegas 7 Magazine). It is these small successes that have helped the group become more popular with music lovers, creating conditions for the group to achieve success now.

Recognized in the world
“Night Visions”, the group’s first studio album was completed in the summer of 2012 and released in September, sold more than 83,000 copies in the first week of release and reached No. 2 on the hot billboard chart. 200. “Night Visions” also became the champion of the 2 billboards including the alternative rock chart and rock chart and was certified platinum in the US, UK, Canada and a variety of other European countries.
Among the songs of Imagine Dragons, “It’s time” and “Radioactive” are the two most popular songs. In it, “It’s time” hit the top 15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and helped Imagine Dragons get a nomination at the MTV Video music awards. “Radioactive” has climbed to the top 3 BXH billboard top 100. This song has topped 4 rock categories: the hottest, most broadcasted song, digital music and best-selling streaming music. The Rolling Stones also said that this is the best rock song of the year. Even, “Radioactive” helped Imagine Dragons win a 2014 Grammy in the category “Best Rock Performance”.
Dramatically impressed through the soundtrack.

Imagine Dragons is a rock band with alternative music styles, indie rock very strong and colorful. Therefore, producers of action movies really want their songs to be included in their soundtrack list. And the truth is that many of Imagine Dragons’ songs have become cult songs. A big part is because the melody and lyrics of those songs are very suitable for the content of the movie.

The first is the “It’s time” in the movie “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (Teen Story, 2012). Next is “Radioactive” in the movie “The host” (Wrestling, 2013) and then “Battle Cry” in blockbuster “Transformers: Age of Extinction” (“Transformers: Era of destruction”).

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Rock Music- New Theme of Game

After robots, beasts and racing, gamers are now interested in rock music. Immediately in this market, MTV confronts Activision.
Recent music websites have many news related to the game. In the game world, the most interesting battle is between Guitar Hero III: Activision’s Legends of Rock and MTV’s Rock Band – which puts players in the position of musicians, Metallica’s songwriters, or The Who.

Both games are important to the gaming industry, which is looking to expand into adults, women and anyone who doesn’t like fighting and shooting games. Like Nintendo’s Wii, the Guitar Hero series was well received, the early versions sold six million copies. In the first week of release, Guitar Hero III had sales of $ 115 million. Rock Band has just been released on November 27, 2007.

The virtual battle between the bands in the game is similar to the real-life battle between the two game publishers. MTV is a new ghost for the game but it is too familiar in the music industry. In the long run, both Activision and MTV believe in the bright future of rhythm games.

Robert Kotick, the president of Activision, said, “We have never had a game like Guitar Hero that can attract a lot of people. This game was introduced on shows like ‘South Park,’ ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘ The Ellen DeGeneres Show ‘I don’t know what type of “Ellen” audience is, but it’s definitely not a normal gamer. ”
Both games use controllers like instruments: Guitar Hero III is played with plastic Gibson Les Paul guitar, and instead of strings is buttons. Rock Band uses Fender Stratocaster guitar, drum kit and microphone (apart from the microphone, the rest is of course fake). The goal of the game is to play (which means to press the button) the guitar or drum in the correct rhythm, right beat or sing in the right tone, similar to karaoke.

MTV also has another advantage from Rock Band: At this time, MTV’s main audience is increasingly spending more time playing games, so MTV wants to use this game as a springboard for music and scores.

Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero allow players to use the gaming system to download (of course, pay) new songs. This revenue adds a bit of strength to the record labels, which are in crisis.

The battle between MTV and Activision is more intense than that of both Rock Band and previous versions of Guitar Hero developed by Harmonix Music Systems (the latest version of Guitar Hero made by another studio).

MTV bought Harmonix in September 2006 for $ 175 million in cash, in a contract that did not have the franchise rights for Guitar Hero. To release Rock Band, MTV signed with Activision’s main rival, Electronic Arts.

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