Leon Russell: A Music Legend Has Disappeared

Leon Russell, one of the most popular rock stars of all time, has disappeared in the world music scene. He is a talented artist who can write gorgeous melodies in just 10 minutes.

Russell once shared that when he was born, he was a music writer, not the kind of musician who was working hard day after day to edit his song to the best. He said that if he sat down and wrote down something for a few minutes, it would certainly be great. And if that didn’t happen, he feared that his piece could not be completed or was bad!

Perhaps because of following the style of writing unlike someone, Russell’s hits, whether written for himself or on orders of other singers, are all unique. From Tight Rope, Lady Blue to A Song For You (he only composed in 10 minutes), Hummingbird and more for big names like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Elton John, Eric Clapton, etc.

Like many musical legends, Leon Russell soon showed his innate talent for music as a child. At the age of four, he learned to play the piano and he joined a youth music club in Oklahoma, USA at the age of 14. Interestingly, during that period, Russell had no intention of becoming a musician. He merely loved the instrument and wanted to work as a musician, packing in Los Angeles in the late 50s at the age of 20, to work in several studios as well as clubs until he started playing music in the disco.

But it was this magical city that turned Leon Russell’s thoughts far from their original meaning. He soon realized that he needed to do something more than perform music in bars or for great artists, starting with joining the band Mad Dogs & Englishmen and joining George Harrison in 1971.

2010 can be said to be a turning point in both his career and life. The album, with Elton John, received a platinum disc in the US, helping him regain his peak performance. However, at this stage, Russell’s health deteriorated. He passed away in 2016 at the age of 74, ending a splendid life of a rock star.

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We Will Rock You – The Story of the Song of Sporting Events

2018 marked the spectacular return of Queen after the resounding success of the film Bohemian Rhapsody. The best songs of Queen such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Are The Champions”, “Somebody To Love”, “Anyone Bites The Dust”, … are once again searched by the fans. over.

But long before that, before the movie about Freddie Mercury made a big hit at the box office, there was a Queen song that was played back and forth millions of times that any rock listener should know. come and can sing along. It is “We Will Rock You” – the song has become an indispensable signal of sporting events.

We Will Rock You is a song that is no stranger to those who know the band Queen. The author of this song is guitarist Brian May of the group. In an interview with Mojo magazine (October 2008), Brian said that this idea came to a dream when he wanted to write a song that the audience could absolutely join the band.

In the documentary Days of Our Lives, Brian May pictured Queen’s performance before a football match in the English Premier League. As the band left the stage, all over the stands suddenly chanted the traditional Liverpool song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and that night while lying in bed, an idea came up in Brian’s head. “The next morning, Brian May woke up to the idea. I thought about “We Will Rock You”.

This song was chosen by Queen to open the album News of the World released in 1977, followed by the song “We Are The Champions” by Freddie Mercury. These two songs are usually played one after the other, even though the band didn’t intend to do so at first. Queen often performs “We Will Rock You” at a faster pace to launch shows to stir the atmosphere and make the audience become more passionate, then will end the show with a cheerful sound of “We Are The Champions”.

When conduct the song-“We Will Rock You” no real drum cocluded. The song’s unique rhythms come from sounds made by band members, assistants, technicians – and even tea maker, Betty – stomp, and clap in the Wessex studio in London. Brian May also talked about this legendary song in an interview with National Radio.

According to a survey by copyright distribution company BMI, “We Will Rock You” is the song that is played and played the most during sports events based on 2008-2009 data from the NFL (National Football). League), NHL (National Hockey League) hockey and MLB (Major League Baseball) baseball. This song is not only considered the typical song of Rock music, but its rhythm can cheer the audience at any event as well.

We Will Rock You are often played in sports events in the US with the purpose of showing off to your opponents and being played in stadiums to stir the atmosphere in the stands.

With nearly 3 minutes in length and more than 3 million broadcasts on US radio and television stations from 1997 to March 2009, BMI estimates the total duration of this song on radio and radio broadcasts. American television has been up to 18 years.

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The Death of Rock

Electric guitar company Gibson will be assisted and the leadership will be renewed after the bankruptcy announcement. The debt is nearly 400 million USD.

The company that manufactured thousands of guitars is now acquired by FedEx. The economy is booming so people need transportation rather than listening to music. Gibson’s struggle is not just a business’s struggle. It is the struggle of the glorious rock music once in an era when people no longer loved rock.

Throughout 116 years of history, Gibson is a guitar associated with legends. From Chuck Berry, who is considered the father of rock ‘n’ roll, to The Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Woody Goothrie, Bob Marley and Keith Richards.

Little Elvis Presley brought a Gibson guitar to Sun Records studio one summer day in 1954 to record the first single in a lifetime that will go down in history. Jimmy Page held a 12-string Gibson on stage singing Stairway to heaven with Led Zeppelin.

B. B King, Peter Green’s “Magic”, and Jeff Beck’s “Holy Grail” guitar are all produced by Gibson. All these memories are associated with the guitar from Michigan, USA. And now those memories have drifted too far.

The saddest perhaps is that the time when Gibson declared bankruptcy coincided with the 51st anniversary of the greatest rock album of all time, Sgt. Peppers ’Lonely Hearts Club Band of The Beatles.

During those 51 years, rock has reached its peak several times. However, when the 21st century, suddenly the rock wave suddenly withered. Not only Gibson but also Fendi, another famous electric guitar company, is also in crisis with huge debts. Do people no longer like electric guitars? It is sadly true. Today’s biggest stars almost no one plays rock. They are rappers, or pop superstars. Nobody plays rock.

The last generation that made what is probably Nirvana was 30 years ago. And John Mayer or Joe Bonamassa of the new century, no one can do anything more than emerge suddenly and then disappear like meteor.

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Alternative & Indie Outstanding groups For 2019

Angel Du$t
Baltimore’s Angel Du$t capabilities individuals of hardcore birthday celebration-starters Turnstile and Trapped underneath Ice and their closing album, 2016’s Rock the Fuck On for all time, turned into about as amusing as its identify shows. For 2019, they signed up with Roadrunner facts — and even better, enlisted manufacturer Will Yip, who is added heavy bands like Turnstile, Code Orange, and identify combat to dizzying new horizons. “The songs are very an awful lot Angel Du$t, at the same time as the production is some complete different shit,” the band stated in declaration overdue ultimate 12 months. We generally tend to agree; see above. assume a complete-period release this year.

The la storage rockers sincerely must’ve gotten plenty larger with 2016’s Welcome the Worms, a hook-filled sophomore effort bursting with the best components of the Ramones, Blondie, and early Wipers without sounding hopelessly retro or pastiche-like in large part way to the emotional urgency of vocalist-guitarist Jennifer Clavin. But regardless of that album being largely slept on, Bleached kept the momentum with 2017’s are you able to Deal EP, which came followed by a zine providing phrases and artwork from numerous forward-questioning lady musicians. Then they toured Europe with freakin’ Paramore. The band is currently recording a brand new album to be released later this 12 months, and we suppose 1/3 time’s the allure for a bigger leap forward.

Dominic Fike
The Florida-born Dominic Fike emerged out of nowhere ultimate yr, sparking an (alleged) principal label bidding war in the back of his debut EP, consider approximately Me. He landed with Columbia, across the time his management at Tha lights worldwide (who additionally rep Lil Pump) partnered with the label’s parent organisation, Sony. Given the fuss across the Soundcloud crooner’s guitar chops and Apple logo face tattoo, we’d count on a follow-up earlier than lengthy. And do not permit the hypebeasty veneer idiot you; Fike’s Motown-tinged breakout track “3 Nights” is trend-evidence and irresistible, swaying back and forth like a Hawaiian hula sprint decoration into your unconscious.

Rage against the device for 2019? it is been a while because the originals had a threat to protect that title, but their fellow rap-rocking Angelenos are coming on sturdy. With police brutality, white nationalism, and standard inequality of their crosshairs (see above), FEVER 333 blew up ultimate year: unmarried “taking walks In My shoes” went pinnacle 10 at Mainstream Rock Songs, and its observe-up “Made An america” followed as a staple on the chart, even earning a 2019 Grammy nod for first-rate rock performance. this is a tough act to follow for a debut complete period, however strength IN NUMB333RS (out Jan. 18 on Roadrunner) once more features manufacturing from Blink-182’s Travis Barker and John Feldmann (who is worked too many industrial punk hits to be counted at this factor), so search for their ascent to retain.

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Rock: Music Taste of Famous Footballers

Famous football players are also big fans of rock music!

Zlatan Ibrahimovi

Zlatan aside from possessing kicks, incredible goals or smugness on the pitch, he also has music interests spread across genres from Rap, Rock, Hip-Hop to Reggae. His favorite artists are Timbuktu, Alpha Bondy, Sting and Bob Marley. However, Zlatan revealed that he did not listen to Sting’s music or Bob Marley before the match.

Andres Iniesta

Fans have witnessed the true talent of the Spanish midfielder on the pitch, but will probably be surprised to learn about his musical preferences. When asked about his favorite artist, Andres Iniesta always answered a single question: Kasabian. The British Rock Band, founded in 1997, was the inspiration for the Barcelona player. In 2010, Iniesta once invited this band to Barcelona for 1 night and according to The Sun, the 30-year-old said that Kasabian was the best band in the world.

Wayne Rooney

If you are a big fan of Wayne Rooney, you will definitely notice the tattoo with the words on his right arm: “Just Enough Education to Perform”, representing Rooney’s great admiration for you. Wales’ Rock music Stereophonics. In addition, the captain of Manchester United and England is very fond of Arctic Monkeys, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens and many other artists. Wayne Rooney is a true fan of Rock.

Victor Valdes

Another Spanish goalkeeper is a Rock fan. There are reports that Valdes often played Coldplay on the club bus while playing for the Catalan giant. The unemployed capitalist loves two bands of heavy music, AC / D and Guns N’Roses. A Spanish Rocker named Joaquin once wrote a private song about the 32-year-old goalkeeper.

David de Gea

The 24-year-old Spanish goalkeeper is making great strides in his football career. De Gea’s recent form is excellent and he is expected to be the successor to the position of Iker Casillas at the national team. In a recent interview, the Manchester United goalkeeper revealed that he was a fan of heavy music as well as Rock and his favorite band was Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica.

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Three Midwestern bands present sundry selection of alternative rock at High Midday Saloon

Three rock bands from the Midwest — Campdogzz, Meat Wave and Cursive — proved the underground rock scene in Madison continues to be alive and properly.
Being attentive to 3 bands carry out at excessive noon Saloon Friday for a devoted crowd of primarily middle-elderly adults found out there are extra ways to enjoy a Friday night than paying attention to “Mo Bamba” in someone’s basement — even though that virtually has its region.
The 3 bands every delivered their particular sound to the desk. The opener, Campdogzz, a band hailing from Chicago, delivered a sensitive yet extreme wash of sound with their five-piece band.
Having been currently signed to Cursive’s label, 15 Passenger, Campdogzz made their manner lower back to Madison to open for Cursive. It changed into obvious that many humans in the crowd have been acquainted with Campdogzz’s song and enjoyed their set as though it become the main event.
The breathy, expressive voice of Campdogzz’s lead singer, Jess rate regarded to healthy perfectly with the kind of tricky chord progressions laid down by using the more than one guitars on degree.
Some of the songs appeared like they were influenced by using folk track, but they could quickly transition from folky sections to long, passionate riffs in which fee might let her emotion flow through the mic. The band produced emotionally charged indie rock coupled with sweet united states of america and people melodies.
They completed this style properly, with all 3 guitars running seamlessly together to give power to the choruses, whilst buying and selling to and fro and keeping intricate harmonies.
After Campdogzz completed their set, a band known as Meat Wave took the level, and the mood shifted from mellow, almost psychedelic vibes to extra of an extreme, punk sounding set.
Meat Wave, also from Chicago, best a 3-piece band —guitar, drums and bass — managed to amp up the group somehow with their heavy hitting drums and pounding guitar riffs. The lead vocalist, Chris Sutter explored similar emotional subject matters of breakup and loss, like fee and Campdogzz, but his making a song fashion was raspier and had more twinges of punk than folks in it.

The band could transition from gnarly, edgy chord riffs into more classic, hardcore rock sounds which anchored domestic the refrains. Sutter’s voice reminded listeners of 80s punk bands just like the conflict, as it changed into expressive thru raspy tones and yelling vocals.
Meat Wave’s songs did seem unstructured at instances, however the notable energy of the drummer and bassist — who were absolutely submerged inside the tune and playing their hearts out — drove the music along and made it thrilling to pay attention to in spite of the vocals trailing off and feeling incomplete at times.
Kasher’s vocals touched on a extensive style of subject matters, from divorce to loneliness, to anti-capitalist and anti-Trump politics. Those issues were subsidized up through a sluggish and constant build of conventional rock riffs into an explosion of extra hardcore sounding choruses.
The organization’s song displayed an extraordinary interest to layering and detail, in addition to some very interesting, emotionally charged lyrics.
Though alternative-rock isn’t anyone’s favored taste in music, sorting out excessive midday Saloon is a have to. target market individuals are probably to fulfill a few definitely thrilling people and revel in an real venue that puts on a wide style of indicates.

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Arsenal Is About to Have a Rock Band in The Squad

With the successful recruitment of goalkeeper Petr Cech, Arsenal not only increased the stability of the defense but also possessed a drummer. Thus, The Gunner can establish a great rock band.

Recently, British media rumors spread, goalkeeper Petr Cech will bid farewell to Chelsea to switch to Arsenal in the new season. The Daily Mail also posted information, which convinced the Stamford Bridge team to cede the contract to the 33-year-old with a transfer fee of £ 11 million.

It is known that Cech will stick with Arsenal according to the three-year contract. At the same time, the Czech Republic player will receive a salary of £ 100,000 / week and become the highest-paid goalkeeper in the history of The Gunners. It is expected that the two parties will officially complete the contract this week.

With a contract with an experienced and excellent goalkeeper like Cech, Arsenal’s defense will definitely be much more solid. Even Chelsea midfielder John Terry confirmed that his former team-mate could help the Emirates Stadium keep 12-15 points each season.

Notably, besides being a talented goalkeeper, Cech is also a great drummer. Not long ago, the Czech Republic goalkeeper also covered a piece of a popular Spanish rock group – Vetusta Morla and posted it on YouTube to share with fans.

According to Mirror (UK), after successfully recruiting Cech, Arsenal can establish a great rock band. In it, the 33-year-old goalkeeper will play the drums, striker Alexis Sanchez plays the piano and midfielder Tomas Rosicky will be the lead guitar. The two main singers are Per Mertesacker and Jack Wilshere.

Although this is just a joke of the Mirror, it is likely that this will happen. Because these players mentioned many times uploaded YouTube videos showing off their musical talents and received a lot of applause from the fans.

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The last tour of the Rock and Roll monument called KISS

With 45 years of music career, honored at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 25 million albums were certified by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and sold over 100 million records worldwide, the band American rock and roll music – KISS deserves one of the monuments of rock and roll music.

The peak tour

Reuters agency on October 30 said: Members of the famous rock band KISS will have a world tour to break up their music career after 45 years of dedication.

KISS said: “We want to say goodbye and gratitude to our fans during the 45-year music career with a top-notch tour. This will also be the last worldwide tour of the band.

KISS’s main member Gene Simmons, bass guitarist and singer, confided: “The band has had a career for so long, it’s time to stop, so people can occasionally remember our glory time. “.

“In ourselves we have the best, best band in the world. We have so much pride, the fans’ love for us and the opposite of our love for our fans. Our mission to this time is enough. The world is huge and we will go to every corner, ”Gene Simmons adds.

The tour with the name “End of the Road” will be started by KISS on January 31, 2019 in Vancouver (Canada) and is expected to last for 2 to 3 years.

The ups and downs of KISS

In January 1973, in New York, two young boys Gene Simmons played bass guitar and Paul Stanley (guitar accompaniment) in the rock and roll band Wicked Sister, which had the same idea, finding a new direction for the band with the recruitment of Peter Criss (drum and singing) and Ace Frehley (lead guitar and lead vocals), hence the name KISS was born.

Just like the career of bands when they first came out, KISS also encountered numerous difficulties. The Debut album was released in 1973, producing and post-production only for 13 days, did not receive the warmth of American youth. This is not difficult to understand. The music of Kiss during the “early” period was not so striking, the loud, hard rock melody and the mix were not really good, just like the thousands of young hard rock bands of the same time.

However, with research and experience, KISS began to find its own identity. Besides taking advantage of modern and impressive technology when performing on stage such as: spraying fire, spraying blood, firing fire, combining dense sounds, chat chats that no recording studio has, bring great effects on stage.

It must be said that the resounding success of Kiss came thanks to a good combination of the “listen” part and the “look” part of the album “Alive” released in 1975 as a product that officially put Kiss on top of glory. Kiss became one of the rock bands that had the influence of a rock and roll era of the 1970s.

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Return of K-pop Rock Bands

Maybe in the world, the names of rock bands like Queen, Beatles, or Oasis are known to most people, but in the Korean music scene, bands often have their own environment instead of mass. The Korean public mostly likes Ballad and the songs are gentle, highly addictive, so often rock bands will be less interested. Or people are only interested in some of the main vocals like Kim Jong-seo or Lee Seung-cheol of Sinawi band) or Boohwal (Easter) than the group.

Around art universities like Hongik, countless groups have been formed but have gradually disappeared. Of course there are also bands that are active for a long time and are well known to the public, but most of them are only known from the fans of the group and will end all activities.


From the 3 members Choi Jung-hoon, Kim Do-Hyung and Yoo Young-hyun with Superstar K in the 5th season, 2013, then joined Jang Kyung-joon and Yoon Kyeol starting operations in 2014, but must until now Jannabi is the name mentioned. The group has shown their own colors, and the song quickly appeared and continued to hold high positions in the top 10 of most digital music sites. And the group’s tour was also quickly sold out, indicating that the group’s popularity has increased considerably. But it is also a time of trouble when it comes to becoming famous. Continuous is the rumor rumors aimed at members of Jannabi.


N.Flying is the symbol of the comeback in 2019. Rooftop, the group’s song released in January has increased by more than 1,000 steps and held the # 1 spot on the digital music chart after nearly 2 release month. The song with a gentle melody, catch the ears, and a meaningful, deep lyrics has captured the audience’s feelings. It saved N.Flying’s life when the group stood in front of a series of difficulties, seemingly disintegrating at any time. It is possible for the individual colors and personalities and the bands to create their own music from the instruments is the attraction of the public for the band.

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Rock features in music industry

The sound of Rock music is mainly created by electric guitar, a popular instrument of the 1950s.

The sound of electric guitar in Rock is supported by the electronic bass sound developed in jazz and percussion including drums and cymbals. This trio of instruments will be supported by keyboard instruments such as piano or or-liver.

The number of members in a Rock band will range from two to five members. A typical rock band will have four members and each member may be in charge of many different roles, for example the lead singer will play the guitar.

Rock music is written on a simple rhythm background with rhythm 4/4 in which the drum beat will be repeated on beats two and four. Rock melodies are also divided by the tone and the sound. From the mid-1960s, Rock songs were arranged according to the “lyrics 1 – chorus – lyrics 2” structure, which was derived from Blues music and Folk music. However, there have been many variations from this structure and music critics have also emphasized the diversity of Rock music styles. Because rock music has a history of complex formation and a tendency to borrow from other musical genres, it is difficult to bind Rock music to a specific musical definition.
Unlike pop music, the lyrics of rock songs refer to a variety of topics such as love, lifestyle, social themes, and opposition. According to music journalist Robert Christgau, the lyrics in rock songs are “popular” with simple expressions and the chorus is repeated. Rock music is generally a music genre of noise. Rock music is considered a black music genre for young people, mainly white men.

Since the term Rock was used to talk about Rock & Roll music in the mid-1960s, people have seen the contrast between Rock music and Pop music. According to Simon Frith, “Rock is something more than Pop, than Rock & Roll. Rock artists combine skills and techniques with a romantic concept of music with a sincerity. ” In the new millennium, the term rock is sometimes used to refer to music genres like Pop, Reggae, Soul and even Hip-hop, but Rock music is not affected by any music. .

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