Ras Kass withdraws from The HRSMN

West coast rapper Ras Kass has announced his decision to part ways with hip-hop super group, The HRSMN.

Announcing his decision via video, the 39-year-old emcee claimed: “there’s a lot of shit I don’t agree with, so I have to step out of it”.

The quartet, composed of rappers Canibus, Killah Priest and Kurupt, released a nine-track LP in 2003 titled The Horsemen Project, an album that was barely promoted and only made available online.

It was later revealed that Killah Priest had sanctioned the release of The Horsemen Project and that despite containing all four rapper’s vocals, the release was by no means an official project and rather a collection of scraps and random collaborations.

However, in May 2011 a video trailer surfaced, indicating plans for the quartet to release a new album that was to be executive produced by the Wu Tang Clan’s RZA.

While contract issues have so far hampered an official release from the four veteran emcees, Ras Kass has now moved to confirm his withdrawal from the group, a factor that could result in the collapse of The HRSMN project.

Rass Kas, who is currently working on his projects F.I.L.A. and Spit No Evil, has experienced a troubled career, overshadowed by various legal issues and record contract disputes that have so far starved him of the plaudits he deserves.

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