Return of K-pop Rock Bands

Maybe in the world, the names of rock bands like Queen, Beatles, or Oasis are known to most people, but in the Korean music scene, bands often have their own environment instead of mass. The Korean public mostly likes Ballad and the songs are gentle, highly addictive, so often rock bands will be less interested. Or people are only interested in some of the main vocals like Kim Jong-seo or Lee Seung-cheol of Sinawi band) or Boohwal (Easter) than the group.

Around art universities like Hongik, countless groups have been formed but have gradually disappeared. Of course there are also bands that are active for a long time and are well known to the public, but most of them are only known from the fans of the group and will end all activities.


From the 3 members Choi Jung-hoon, Kim Do-Hyung and Yoo Young-hyun with Superstar K in the 5th season, 2013, then joined Jang Kyung-joon and Yoon Kyeol starting operations in 2014, but must until now Jannabi is the name mentioned. The group has shown their own colors, and the song quickly appeared and continued to hold high positions in the top 10 of most digital music sites. And the group’s tour was also quickly sold out, indicating that the group’s popularity has increased considerably. But it is also a time of trouble when it comes to becoming famous. Continuous is the rumor rumors aimed at members of Jannabi.


N.Flying is the symbol of the comeback in 2019. Rooftop, the group’s song released in January has increased by more than 1,000 steps and held the # 1 spot on the digital music chart after nearly 2 release month. The song with a gentle melody, catch the ears, and a meaningful, deep lyrics has captured the audience’s feelings. It saved N.Flying’s life when the group stood in front of a series of difficulties, seemingly disintegrating at any time. It is possible for the individual colors and personalities and the bands to create their own music from the instruments is the attraction of the public for the band.

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