Rock features in music industry

The sound of Rock music is mainly created by electric guitar, a popular instrument of the 1950s.

The sound of electric guitar in Rock is supported by the electronic bass sound developed in jazz and percussion including drums and cymbals. This trio of instruments will be supported by keyboard instruments such as piano or or-liver.

The number of members in a Rock band will range from two to five members. A typical rock band will have four members and each member may be in charge of many different roles, for example the lead singer will play the guitar.

Rock music is written on a simple rhythm background with rhythm 4/4 in which the drum beat will be repeated on beats two and four. Rock melodies are also divided by the tone and the sound. From the mid-1960s, Rock songs were arranged according to the “lyrics 1 – chorus – lyrics 2” structure, which was derived from Blues music and Folk music. However, there have been many variations from this structure and music critics have also emphasized the diversity of Rock music styles. Because rock music has a history of complex formation and a tendency to borrow from other musical genres, it is difficult to bind Rock music to a specific musical definition.
Unlike pop music, the lyrics of rock songs refer to a variety of topics such as love, lifestyle, social themes, and opposition. According to music journalist Robert Christgau, the lyrics in rock songs are “popular” with simple expressions and the chorus is repeated. Rock music is generally a music genre of noise. Rock music is considered a black music genre for young people, mainly white men.

Since the term Rock was used to talk about Rock & Roll music in the mid-1960s, people have seen the contrast between Rock music and Pop music. According to Simon Frith, “Rock is something more than Pop, than Rock & Roll. Rock artists combine skills and techniques with a romantic concept of music with a sincerity. ” In the new millennium, the term rock is sometimes used to refer to music genres like Pop, Reggae, Soul and even Hip-hop, but Rock music is not affected by any music. .

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