Rock Music- New Theme of Game

After robots, beasts and racing, gamers are now interested in rock music. Immediately in this market, MTV confronts Activision.
Recent music websites have many news related to the game. In the game world, the most interesting battle is between Guitar Hero III: Activision’s Legends of Rock and MTV’s Rock Band – which puts players in the position of musicians, Metallica’s songwriters, or The Who.

Both games are important to the gaming industry, which is looking to expand into adults, women and anyone who doesn’t like fighting and shooting games. Like Nintendo’s Wii, the Guitar Hero series was well received, the early versions sold six million copies. In the first week of release, Guitar Hero III had sales of $ 115 million. Rock Band has just been released on November 27, 2007.

The virtual battle between the bands in the game is similar to the real-life battle between the two game publishers. MTV is a new ghost for the game but it is too familiar in the music industry. In the long run, both Activision and MTV believe in the bright future of rhythm games.

Robert Kotick, the president of Activision, said, “We have never had a game like Guitar Hero that can attract a lot of people. This game was introduced on shows like ‘South Park,’ ‘Gossip Girl’ and ‘ The Ellen DeGeneres Show ‘I don’t know what type of “Ellen” audience is, but it’s definitely not a normal gamer. ”
Both games use controllers like instruments: Guitar Hero III is played with plastic Gibson Les Paul guitar, and instead of strings is buttons. Rock Band uses Fender Stratocaster guitar, drum kit and microphone (apart from the microphone, the rest is of course fake). The goal of the game is to play (which means to press the button) the guitar or drum in the correct rhythm, right beat or sing in the right tone, similar to karaoke.

MTV also has another advantage from Rock Band: At this time, MTV’s main audience is increasingly spending more time playing games, so MTV wants to use this game as a springboard for music and scores.

Both Rock Band and Guitar Hero allow players to use the gaming system to download (of course, pay) new songs. This revenue adds a bit of strength to the record labels, which are in crisis.

The battle between MTV and Activision is more intense than that of both Rock Band and previous versions of Guitar Hero developed by Harmonix Music Systems (the latest version of Guitar Hero made by another studio).

MTV bought Harmonix in September 2006 for $ 175 million in cash, in a contract that did not have the franchise rights for Guitar Hero. To release Rock Band, MTV signed with Activision’s main rival, Electronic Arts.

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