Rock: Music Taste of Famous Footballers

Famous football players are also big fans of rock music!

Zlatan Ibrahimovi

Zlatan aside from possessing kicks, incredible goals or smugness on the pitch, he also has music interests spread across genres from Rap, Rock, Hip-Hop to Reggae. His favorite artists are Timbuktu, Alpha Bondy, Sting and Bob Marley. However, Zlatan revealed that he did not listen to Sting’s music or Bob Marley before the match.

Andres Iniesta

Fans have witnessed the true talent of the Spanish midfielder on the pitch, but will probably be surprised to learn about his musical preferences. When asked about his favorite artist, Andres Iniesta always answered a single question: Kasabian. The British Rock Band, founded in 1997, was the inspiration for the Barcelona player. In 2010, Iniesta once invited this band to Barcelona for 1 night and according to The Sun, the 30-year-old said that Kasabian was the best band in the world.

Wayne Rooney

If you are a big fan of Wayne Rooney, you will definitely notice the tattoo with the words on his right arm: “Just Enough Education to Perform”, representing Rooney’s great admiration for you. Wales’ Rock music Stereophonics. In addition, the captain of Manchester United and England is very fond of Arctic Monkeys, Bruce Springsteen, Cat Stevens and many other artists. Wayne Rooney is a true fan of Rock.

Victor Valdes

Another Spanish goalkeeper is a Rock fan. There are reports that Valdes often played Coldplay on the club bus while playing for the Catalan giant. The unemployed capitalist loves two bands of heavy music, AC / D and Guns N’Roses. A Spanish Rocker named Joaquin once wrote a private song about the 32-year-old goalkeeper.

David de Gea

The 24-year-old Spanish goalkeeper is making great strides in his football career. De Gea’s recent form is excellent and he is expected to be the successor to the position of Iker Casillas at the national team. In a recent interview, the Manchester United goalkeeper revealed that he was a fan of heavy music as well as Rock and his favorite band was Avenged Sevenfold and Metallica.

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