Rock n Roll Style of Liverpool

Since becoming Liverpool’s coach, Klopp has given the audience a rock n roll football style which is extremely enthusiastic and strong. This coach brought to us an unforgettable impression of Liverpool.

Klopp brings Liverpool a fiery football attacking from Germany. There is no glorious player career, but Klopp is like a mad scientist in Japanese manga. His hair was messy. He buried his head in work and was always ahead of his time. Klopp persuaded Liverpool players to follow him, believing him and sacrificing for him. Toni Kroos for 11 Liverpool players like 11 beasts. However, it may not be enough to compare it, it must be … 12 beasts including the coach. Because Klopp was no different from the 12th player. Standing on the piste, he jumped, roared, pointing like he was a player on the field.

Specifically, the Liverpool players played extremely strong and sacrificed their lives. They attacked all the way like they will die if other player did not. When playing against City, the team likes to control, Liverpool players push them into losing control. As a mad scientist, Klopp always finds order in disorder and finds safety in a dangerous game. Nobody said the Liverpool defense was strong because Liverpool always played on the opponent’s field more than the home. They can concede two, three goals a match, but will try to score four or five goals to find victory.

Therefore, Klopp likened the play he pursued to be rock’n’roll. The melody is always fast and intense like the sound of a drum while the phase is smooth like a guitar solo and the shots are always strong like the singer finishes a high note. All the above elements will bring to the audience the breathtaking and unforgettable performances on the pitch. This is Liverpool’s very strong style thanks to their coach, Klopp.

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