Scorpion, king of rock ballad series

About twenty years ago, rock listeners, especially heavy metal lovers, when talking about their favorite groups, often refer to Metallica, Guns and Roses and Scorpions as metal bands. most famous at the time. If Metallica and Guns and Roses seem to be challenging, beginners listen to rock, Scorpions with sweet ballads like “Still Loving You”, “Always Somewhere”, “When the Smoke is Going Down” or “Send Me and Angel “always won over fans of pop and rock. And I, the middle school student of twenty years ago, got to know rock through such Scorpions ballads. Now, after sitting back over 20 years of listening and playing rock, Scorpions are still one of my favorite bands. In 2015, the German scorpions are preparing to celebrate 50 years of their band. Half a century for a heavy metal group to exist and thrive is an incredible thing in the ever-changing and full of music world. For a group that does not belong to two British and American rock cradles, this is a miracle. This article is a tribute to a veteran band of classic heavy metal, the first band that helped me explore the mesmerizing world of rock.

      Career summary:
In 1965, when the whole world was in the British Invasion trend, the representative of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones conquered it in the city of Hannover, West Germany, a fledgling boy band by guitarist and singer Rudolf (Rudy) Schenker and the three founding friends also rehearsed to re-play the popular songs of popular British music groups. At that time in the UK there was also a band called the Scorpions that made the group sometimes confused. After much deliberation, Rudy Schenker decided to change the group’s name to the Nameless to avoid troubles.
After years of cover play in bars and nightclubs in Germany, Rudolf decided to take his younger brother Michael Schenker to lead the lead guitar and invite his friend Klaus Meine to become the lead singer and I am in peace with the role. guitar composition and rhythm game. Now the group decided to take the Scorpions back. The roster helped the group record their first record with album Lonesome Crow (1972) with a mix of hard rock, psychedelic and progressive rock. Scorpions began to receive positive reviews from both audiences and music critics as an excellent hard rock group in Germany and gradually expanded their conquest range out of their homeland.

The single came from Scorpions’ debut album “Lonesome Crow” titled “I’m Going Mad” in 1972 with a progressive direction like Yes or Genesis. Klaus Meine is difficult to recognize with a thick beard like Robinson Crusoe in this MV.
But then Michael Schenker quickly left the group to join the more famous British hard rock group, UFO after Scorpions toured with this group. His replacement is Ulrich “Uli” Jon Roth, a jubilant, jubilant guitarist who plays almost like a stylish replica of genius Jimi Hendrix. With the contribution of Uli Roth, Scorpions continued to release space / psychedelic / fusion albums such as Fly to the Rainbow (1974), In Trance (1975), Virgin Killer (1976) and Taken by Force (1978). . In the 1970s, Scorpions gradually asserted their top position in Germany and were quickly embraced by the European market before conquering Asian prices, especially for Japan, where Scorpions had a huge amount of loyal fans. However, with his erratic temperament, and the direction of the music that was increasingly isolated from the other members of the group, Uli Roth finally retired from Scorpions to devote himself to the new band of his Electric Sun. style that blends jazz, progressive and space rock. Michael Schenker returned to playing the guitar for a while but was quickly fired because his addiction affected his group’s schedule and recording a lot. His replacement is the young guitarist Matthias Jabs, who has been in the profession but has a strong sense of progress and is devoted to his teammates after defeating nearly 150 other guitarists in the selection round. The choice of Matthias Jabs into the band was a very good decision because he did not take Scorpions to a new level, but was attached to the team until today, with the two main pillars, Rudy Schenker and Klaus Meine.

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