The Death of Rock

Electric guitar company Gibson will be assisted and the leadership will be renewed after the bankruptcy announcement. The debt is nearly 400 million USD.

The company that manufactured thousands of guitars is now acquired by FedEx. The economy is booming so people need transportation rather than listening to music. Gibson’s struggle is not just a business’s struggle. It is the struggle of the glorious rock music once in an era when people no longer loved rock.

Throughout 116 years of history, Gibson is a guitar associated with legends. From Chuck Berry, who is considered the father of rock ‘n’ roll, to The Everly Brothers, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney, Woody Goothrie, Bob Marley and Keith Richards.

Little Elvis Presley brought a Gibson guitar to Sun Records studio one summer day in 1954 to record the first single in a lifetime that will go down in history. Jimmy Page held a 12-string Gibson on stage singing Stairway to heaven with Led Zeppelin.

B. B King, Peter Green’s “Magic”, and Jeff Beck’s “Holy Grail” guitar are all produced by Gibson. All these memories are associated with the guitar from Michigan, USA. And now those memories have drifted too far.

The saddest perhaps is that the time when Gibson declared bankruptcy coincided with the 51st anniversary of the greatest rock album of all time, Sgt. Peppers ’Lonely Hearts Club Band of The Beatles.

During those 51 years, rock has reached its peak several times. However, when the 21st century, suddenly the rock wave suddenly withered. Not only Gibson but also Fendi, another famous electric guitar company, is also in crisis with huge debts. Do people no longer like electric guitars? It is sadly true. Today’s biggest stars almost no one plays rock. They are rappers, or pop superstars. Nobody plays rock.

The last generation that made what is probably Nirvana was 30 years ago. And John Mayer or Joe Bonamassa of the new century, no one can do anything more than emerge suddenly and then disappear like meteor.

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