The immortal songs of the legendary Queen Rock band

With over 15 years of composing and performing, legendary rock group Queen has left the world music scene with immortal songs with elaborate lyrics. On the occasion of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie about the Queen’s group about to debut, let review the songs that make up the name of this legendary group.

Luxurious, gorgeous, frivolous, bombastic, crazy and genius are the words that many music critics often use when referring to the Queen group. Indeed, except Queen, in the history of rock music, no band has met all such characteristics.
With Queen, music is the perfect combination of sound, lyrics, performing arts and recording techniques. As with the name of the group, almost in Queen’s songs always contain a “royal” boast and pride, and this makes the Queen stand out from the others. contemporary band.

We will rock you
Certainly, even if you’re not a Queen fan, you’ve heard this immortal song in many places. As part of 77’s “News of the World” album, this song was played throughout the stadiums. With a strong melody and fast tempo and solid guitar / bass, it is not uncommon for this song to hold No. 1 for 3 consecutive months on the world chart.

We are the Champions
Still in the “News of the World” album and also a song used in special sporting events. Each verse, every melody gives us a strong sense of victory, just like “We are the champions” – we are champions! Interestingly enough, the melody of this song is part of ballad music, but it is Mercury’s inner vocals and Rock’s distinctive guitar making anyone feel the spirit. of the song.

Bohemian Rhapsody
Bohemian Rhaposy is a song that Mercury in particular and Queen in general has spent a lot of effort and time to accomplish. We must mention the feat of recording when the group took nearly 90 hours to collect the sound to create the effect as a choir of 84 people in the opera. As for the content, the sections of the song are quite loosely coupled, but the listeners can understand that it is the penance of a young man who committed murder before the penance.

After the release, “Bohemian Rhapsody” became a major phenomenon in music at that time. It climbed to the top of the British charts in the Christmas season in 1975 and stayed in that position until Christmas in 1976.

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