The last tour of the Rock and Roll monument called KISS

With 45 years of music career, honored at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, 25 million albums were certified by RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and sold over 100 million records worldwide, the band American rock and roll music – KISS deserves one of the monuments of rock and roll music.

The peak tour

Reuters agency on October 30 said: Members of the famous rock band KISS will have a world tour to break up their music career after 45 years of dedication.

KISS said: “We want to say goodbye and gratitude to our fans during the 45-year music career with a top-notch tour. This will also be the last worldwide tour of the band.

KISS’s main member Gene Simmons, bass guitarist and singer, confided: “The band has had a career for so long, it’s time to stop, so people can occasionally remember our glory time. “.

“In ourselves we have the best, best band in the world. We have so much pride, the fans’ love for us and the opposite of our love for our fans. Our mission to this time is enough. The world is huge and we will go to every corner, ”Gene Simmons adds.

The tour with the name “End of the Road” will be started by KISS on January 31, 2019 in Vancouver (Canada) and is expected to last for 2 to 3 years.

The ups and downs of KISS

In January 1973, in New York, two young boys Gene Simmons played bass guitar and Paul Stanley (guitar accompaniment) in the rock and roll band Wicked Sister, which had the same idea, finding a new direction for the band with the recruitment of Peter Criss (drum and singing) and Ace Frehley (lead guitar and lead vocals), hence the name KISS was born.

Just like the career of bands when they first came out, KISS also encountered numerous difficulties. The Debut album was released in 1973, producing and post-production only for 13 days, did not receive the warmth of American youth. This is not difficult to understand. The music of Kiss during the “early” period was not so striking, the loud, hard rock melody and the mix were not really good, just like the thousands of young hard rock bands of the same time.

However, with research and experience, KISS began to find its own identity. Besides taking advantage of modern and impressive technology when performing on stage such as: spraying fire, spraying blood, firing fire, combining dense sounds, chat chats that no recording studio has, bring great effects on stage.

It must be said that the resounding success of Kiss came thanks to a good combination of the “listen” part and the “look” part of the album “Alive” released in 1975 as a product that officially put Kiss on top of glory. Kiss became one of the rock bands that had the influence of a rock and roll era of the 1970s.

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