Three Lions: Rock Song about English Football

The song is loved by football fans in the UK for lighting up hope, capturing the historic moments of the home team.

This is a familiar celebration song of the British people every time their teams succeed in the international arena. The song is included in the song Three Lions (Football’s coming home) by rock band Lightning Seeds, released in 1996 when the UK hosted the European Championship.

The Lightning Seeds, founded in 1989, is a rock band from the city of Liverpool (UK). The only official member of the group is singer Ian Broudie. Mr. Ian composed songs and hired other musicians to perform and record under the band’s name. The band released a total of six albums with many songs on the UK music charts such as Pure, All I Want, Change, etc.

Despite the cheerful tone, Three Lions talks about sadness after many years of failure of English football. The song skillfully describes the psychology of sports fans. Although sad because the home team suffered many failures, they did not give up hope. The band conveys a more optimistic spirit in the chorus.

Three Lions help the British relive the glorious moments in the 20th century of the men’s soccer team in this country. The song is reminiscent of the famous images of the team: Bobby Charlton’s goal against Mexico and the celebration of Nobby Stiles when winning the 1966 World Cup, Bobby More’s cross with Jairzinho against Brazil at the 1970 World Cup, Gary Lineker’s equalizer in the semi-final against West Germany in the 1990 World Cup.

The song uses a lot of commentary from the broadcast of the matches of England at the World Cup. The sound of the audience cheering on the opening song was recorded by the band directly from a Liverpool club match in the European Cup in 1995.

Three Lions was chosen as the title song of Euro 1996. The audience often sang songs on the stands of England matches. According to Independent, the German team (the Euro 1996 champions) also used the song to celebrate since that year, as an act of mocking England. The song once peaked at number 16 on the German music charts.

The Lightning Seeds band later released many other versions of the song, updating the highlights of England. The most famous is the 3 Lions ’98 version cheering the team to the 1998 World Cup in France. According to the Guardian, Three Lions climbed to the top of the UK music charts in 1996. The song repeats the same achievement when England reached the semi-finals of the 2018 World Cup. John Motson, sports commentator famous, remarks when talking about English football, which song rarely surpasses the Three Lions.

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