We Will Rock You – The Story of the Song of Sporting Events

2018 marked the spectacular return of Queen after the resounding success of the film Bohemian Rhapsody. The best songs of Queen such as “Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We Are The Champions”, “Somebody To Love”, “Anyone Bites The Dust”, … are once again searched by the fans. over.

But long before that, before the movie about Freddie Mercury made a big hit at the box office, there was a Queen song that was played back and forth millions of times that any rock listener should know. come and can sing along. It is “We Will Rock You” – the song has become an indispensable signal of sporting events.

We Will Rock You is a song that is no stranger to those who know the band Queen. The author of this song is guitarist Brian May of the group. In an interview with Mojo magazine (October 2008), Brian said that this idea came to a dream when he wanted to write a song that the audience could absolutely join the band.

In the documentary Days of Our Lives, Brian May pictured Queen’s performance before a football match in the English Premier League. As the band left the stage, all over the stands suddenly chanted the traditional Liverpool song “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, and that night while lying in bed, an idea came up in Brian’s head. “The next morning, Brian May woke up to the idea. I thought about “We Will Rock You”.

This song was chosen by Queen to open the album News of the World released in 1977, followed by the song “We Are The Champions” by Freddie Mercury. These two songs are usually played one after the other, even though the band didn’t intend to do so at first. Queen often performs “We Will Rock You” at a faster pace to launch shows to stir the atmosphere and make the audience become more passionate, then will end the show with a cheerful sound of “We Are The Champions”.

When conduct the song-“We Will Rock You” no real drum cocluded. The song’s unique rhythms come from sounds made by band members, assistants, technicians – and even tea maker, Betty – stomp, and clap in the Wessex studio in London. Brian May also talked about this legendary song in an interview with National Radio.

According to a survey by copyright distribution company BMI, “We Will Rock You” is the song that is played and played the most during sports events based on 2008-2009 data from the NFL (National Football). League), NHL (National Hockey League) hockey and MLB (Major League Baseball) baseball. This song is not only considered the typical song of Rock music, but its rhythm can cheer the audience at any event as well.

We Will Rock You are often played in sports events in the US with the purpose of showing off to your opponents and being played in stadiums to stir the atmosphere in the stands.

With nearly 3 minutes in length and more than 3 million broadcasts on US radio and television stations from 1997 to March 2009, BMI estimates the total duration of this song on radio and radio broadcasts. American television has been up to 18 years.

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